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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Girl Grows Up

I took my daughter to the skate rink last night. They were hosting a spring break all night skate until 7am. I told my daughter she could attend since I knew a few parents who were staying, but that she couldn't stay until 7am. I'd have to pick her up at 9:30. I really wanted to let her stay until 11pm but our schedule both last night and this morning just wouldn't have been very good with such a late night. She is still in bed at 8:45! Haha.  Imagine if I had let her stay until 11!

When we arrived at the rink I decided to let her and her friend stand in line to buy their passes and skate rental. The line was outdoors so I could see her from the car. I planned to stay until I saw her enter the doors past the ticket booth. I was trying to let go...give her some space...spread her wings kind of thing. I do feel like it is time for her to have more independance.

As I watched her and her friend in line I was in awe over how comfortable she was. It was as if she had stood in lines without mommy all of her life. I was grinning on the inside. I may have been frowning on the outside. Mommy's baby girl is growing up!

I am suddenly shocked to see this boy point his finger in her face. He had been in front of her in line and had been mouthy most of the time, but not directly to her. Mostly to the girls in front of him. I could make out that he said "You are ugly. Your boyfriend is ugly too." and momma bear had to pounce. I'm sure I probably shouldn't have...but I did it for HIS own protection.

You see...my daughter is just like me. Feisty and loving, but with a short fuse for ignorance. The last time a boy at school got in her way and was blocking her locker to not allow her to retrieve her coat...she bitch slapped him acrossed the face. She has 3 brothers. She has developed the defence mechanism of drawing out the claws when a boy gets in her face.

Of course I do not condone physical violence but...but...that boy with her hand print on his cheek sure hasn't harassed her ever since. Just sayin'. Since there was an officer parked right at the entrance monitoring the line I figured a bitch slap in public might be cause for some sort of assault charges so I got out of the van and stood with her in line the rest of the time.

What I love most about my daughter and our relationship is that she didn't care that I was in line. She and her friend chatted with me, pointed out friends to me, let me in on their nicknames, inside jokes, etc. I love that we have still that together and that she wasn't embarrased by me for the time being.

My daughter (Right) with her friend (Left)

As they walk up to the counter I stand back out of the way and watch her buy the tickets...with her money. I am very proud about that as well! I over hear the kids in front of her asking for a variety of passes. Some are paying extra for speed skate, Some are paying for lighted skates, freestyle skate, etc. My daughter can barely skate and has only been to this skate rink a few times. I become nervous that she doesn't know what she is doing. I contain myself and let her walk up to the counter with her friend...mommyless. She says with about as much confidence as I have ever heard her have "How much are 2 passes for regular skate until about 10pm with skate rental, please?"

*Gasp* Is this my baby? she sounds so...mature. She sounded as if she had done this a thousand times before. She sounded so...grown up!

With that I said "Have fun, remember the rules, don't act a fool." and as I was leaving a parent spotted me and invited me to come in and hang out for a couple of minutes. The group of adults gladly introduced me to the mouthy little boy that had verbally abused my daughter in line and they told him to respect me, and be nice to my daughter. I then told him that I do not ever want to hear of him calling her ugly again. I told him to be a gentleman and when someone pointed out how he had hives and shouldn't make fun of others I let him know that my Nadine would never have made fun of him for having hives because that's the kind of friend she is. I told him to treat her nice and she'll always have his back,.

I felt like a million bucks and the most successful mom in the world. I left to head home to the boys and when we came back to pick her up she and her friend were still there alive, and well...in one piece.

I spoke to a few parents about how the night was going...and boy did they paint some pretty ugly pictures about the kids my daughter has been spending her time with.

More on that next time...Sex, Drugs, and PRE-Teens.     


  1. Cannot wait until the next installment. I see how your daughter is mature and can obviously take care of herself. I should have bitch-slapped some fools at FTMS. Can I get an "Amen"? I do not see the sex and drugs part. Cannot wait until the next installment. I remember drugs being around in high school. If it was around in middle school, I did not know about it.

  2. Sweet. Love you Let!