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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Do we have to grow up?

I catch myself, from time to time, feeling like it is time for me to stop doing/wearing/saying X-Y-Z because it is time to "grow up".

Then I come back to earth and I think...Why should I?

I adore my inner child and I think that I am at my happiest/sexiest/friendliest when that child comes out to play.

So what if my daughter likes to dress like MY favorite singer. I started dressing that way first! Haha!

In all seriousness though...this post is really about my attitude, and how it has shifted recently. I've noticed a few of my high school peers on Facebook are dating and as I read what their girlfriend/boyfriend posts on their wall I think in my head "Oh my goodness...they sound like they are a couple of teens in high school that are dating for the 1st time." as my gag reflexes and my eyes begin to roll.

Now...I know better than that. I am not the kind of spirit that judges people for how they interact...am I? I mean...of course we all judge even though we know we shouldn't, but really...I just think I am envious of their happy and joyful love. Then again...if my husband posted something cutesy on my Facebook wall...I doubt it would have a different effect on my gag reflex. I wonder why.

Anyway...I don't see why any of us HAVE to fully grow up. As long as I dress appropriately for work and school functions...why not wear what makes me happy on the weekends? I don't care if you stare. I'd stare at me too. I'm hawt! Haha...kidding.

Anyway...not sure what the point is here...I just couldn't think of anything to blog and that would be 2 blogless days in a row which is just totally unacceptable!

Have a great day and let your inner child run free on your lunch break!

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