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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm giving up my ATTITUDE..for Lent.

I look at Lent as a time for personal, spiritual and psychological growth. Most of the people that know me know that I am not religious.

In some faiths the act of restraint with respect to actions of body, speech, and mind is very liberating and can achieve a mind-body transformation.

Many of my Christian friends believe that lent is to sacrifice for Jesus and to prepare them for Holy week.

I believe that there is nothing wrong with giving something up that is important to you because I think there is a lot to be said, and learned, from the longing of something. Longing teaches us many things, and also helps us to grow.

I was reading a friends blog today and as I read it I felt, as I often do when reading her blog, that she was speaking directly to me. She has touched on some things that I have let fall by the wayside in my own life.

She talks about serving and about being meek and suddenly I realized that HEY-I have gotten away from the two very things that represent a big part of who I am! How did this happen? I don't know!?

So, for Lent I am giving up...my ATTITUDE in it's entirety. I am going to change the way I am looking at life. I am going to reevaluate what I want in this life and what I need to do to achieve that. I will think before I speak/type and really access how my words/thoughts/actions/body language will affect others.

I'm not sure how long I will continue this sacrifice but I presume I will until it is effortless...which may take much longer than Lent. ;)

1 comment:

  1. I have tears and chills. I think this is a big and huge thing about to happen in your life, friend.

    One thing I really love about you is that you understand the intimacy and depth of spirituality beyond the normal definitions and limitations that people often want to throw out there.