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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Day 1

We are not travelers. We don't go anywhere beyond Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. This means our breaks consist of mostly local entertainment.

Today is Monday, day 1 of Spring Break. I took the 4 kids to Incredible Pizza Company. We had a great time! They lowered their prices so it was super affordable. $35 and some change for all 5 of us to enjoy the lunch buffet, unlimited soda, dessert, and $25 worth of gaming cards ($5 each).

One thing I really LOVE about this place is that they offer great specials! Today was $7 mondays. On top of that deal if you dress up like a super hero you get a free $10 gaming card!

Aiden and Dane were both happy to participate. Aiden loves this super hero costume that Uncle Greg bought from Restoration Hardware a fw years back around the holidays. It has a cape, mask, and wrist cuffs. I think it's super cute!

Their buffet is good. It is not gourmet. I think some people expect it to be more than cafeteria food. That it is not. Everything is fresh, and has a good flavor. The salad bar is generous in it's offerings and they will gladly make you a pizza just the way you want it to place on the buffet.

Andrew ordered a pineapple and cheese pizza. He likes his fruit and cheese.

Dane was a bit bummed that they no longer offer gummy worms on the sundae bar, but I think the cookies and dessrt pizza helped him forget all about it.

It was time to get our game on and Aiden was ready to dance!

Dane likes the flight simulator games. They make me nauseous!

Aiden likes to fly too. He also really likes to race cars.

I played a game of mini golf with the boys.

 They asked me to take their picture with the cactus. I have ruined these boys. You will never catch a candid shot of them. They are all super hammy poses, the whole lot of them!
I laughed that he wanted his pic taken in this thing again too!

I had my fill of the noise so we headed to the ticket booth to cash in our tickets.

The older kids went in dutch on a huge snake that they simply could not live one more day without.
Dane got a Lego set, and Aiden got a ton of small prizes. He has already misplaced...I mean hidden...most of them around the house. Haha!

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