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Sunday, February 21, 2010

You aren't going to finish it all!

I think this was an important realization for me! There will be days where you do not get everything on your lists completed. That is okay! It's important to not try and "catch up"!

Just move onto the next day. You will return to that room/space/zone in your house eventually! You will have days where you finish early and may want to use that free time to do something you missed the day before.

Here are a few examples:

There are things that have to get done (charge my camera batteries for work, enter my reports, etc.)

There are things that I should get done (laundry, dishes, etc.)

and then there are things I want to get done (clean out couch cushions, purge clothing from my closet, etc.)

Often times I may not get every room vaccumed on my checklist. I may miss the couch cushions this week. Maybe I wanted to purge toys, but we had a family event that day. That's okay!

What I do is mark my checklist with a dry erase marker. When I get back to Tuesday on my list I will see that I did not clean out the fridge last week. I try to make it a priority this Tuesday, and do it before some of the other Power Hour activities.

If you try to complete your lists every day you will drive yourself crazy! This is why I try to stick to the plan. I try to limit that zone cleaning to just 15 minutes, so that I have time to work on Power Hour items.

You can only do your best, and there will be days you just slack off. Just get back into the routine tomorrow.

Once you get things caught up and in order it will be much more feasible to get that list going.

I also suggest you keep your checklist open and placed on a counter or table where your family members ( ahem *husband*) can find it, look at it, and can pitch in if he feels like helping. Explain your system to him, and if he asks "What can I do?" It's easy to glance at your checklists and say "Would you pleace change the sheets on the bed for me?"

Getting everyone involved helps mom out, and teachers the entire family new habits that can last a least, one can only hope, right?

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