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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentines

Happy Valentines day! Traditionally I buy a few bags of mini candy bars for the kids and split them up into reuseable metal heart shaped tins. With all the snow we've had this month I didn't care to treck down to the barn, shovel out the door, and dig them out. This means the kids got very lucky this year, they got lots of loot!

Nadine went out early with a friend to a car show so she missed out on the Vday distribution. I'll try to remember to take a fun pic of her with hers later tonight when she gets home.

Cupid left some treats on Nadines bed for her return home...tooth fairy style.

Andrew, my little nerd, just loves him some Nerds candy!

Dane is a choco-junkie. He asked if he could eat the whole box this morning!

Aiden only enjoyed a few licks of his tastey sucker before he whacked big brother in the head with it. No worries. I took it away. You just cannot plan for these things. *sigh*

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Vday. I know my little Valentines will <3

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