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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teaching on Tuesday

I teach a hip-hop class to 3-5 year olds on Tuesday night at the Parks Dept. Tonight went really well. My problem child student was absent and I was amazed at how much the others stood in line, payed attention, and stayed on task without that child being present. I really did not think of the child as a source of the constant disruption, but I now know that may likely be the cause.

There is no nice way to say "Hey-your child is out of control and is taking away from the other children's ability to learn" is there? This I know all too well. Having two boys with neurobiological disorders there are so many struggles that I've delt with along the lines of an innattentive nature.

I plan to try some old tricks on this one next week and see if I can redirect the childs behavior into a positive for the class, as well as for herself.

It's amazing how so many adults do not see how they affect the people around them. Seeing it happen between children really brings the domino effect to mind. I wonder what kinds of crazy stuff we stir up in every day life to those around us without even realizing it.

I wonder if my drive home doing 35 mpd i a 40 took someone to the brink on insanity. The snow was drifting so bad, and the strong winds made it hard to keep my van inbetween the lines that I couldn't see through the drifting snow anyway.

Not sure there is much meat to this entry...just felt like dumping the brain a bit :) Have a happy Wednesday!

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