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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday; A lesson on responsibility!

We sat down to dinner an hour before the big game tonight and I was surprised to see my daughter, Nadine, come to the table sporting her bothers Colts jersey. I am not much into football. Don't get me wrong, I love our Colts! I'm just not a dedicated enough fan to outfit the kids in full on gear, plan a party, and make blue Jello.

As we start to eat Nadine tells us that her 2 friends that live down the street will be staying up late to watch the game, and playing hookie from school tomorrow. I hold my tongue as I fight off words of judgement and disapproval. This is a conversation that has come up a lot on Indy MomsLikeMe in the recent weeks.

I just feel it is really not the best message to give our children. Teaching my children that it's okay to neglect your responsibilities is not a message that I am okay with, even in moderation. To each his own. In my experience it is three times as challenging to break bad habits as it is to teach good ones. After all, how would the world look if mom decided to skip out on a day of motherhood because a late night marathon of moms fave show took precedence?

So, while reserving my judgement I say nothing to my opinoin on the subject and simply asked my daughter, whom just turned 11 and is in the 5th grade, "What do you think about your friends skipping school for the game?" to which she replies "Well, I think the responsible thing to do is to either record the game and watch it tomorrow, or stay up late and suffer the next day."

For The Win! Finally a little validation on this whole parenting tween and teen thing! Thanks Colts ;)

Nadine decided to stay up late and be tired the next day. A choice she does not normally have to make. While I frown upon the idea of my children going to school tired and jepardizing their education, it is a semi special event, and I decided to make a compromise on this one. It was important for my cheerleader to be in the know when she went to school the next day.

She fell asleep at 9pm and wouldn't wake up until 10pm. She was pretty bummed to hear the news. The Saints won! Sorry sis :(

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