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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When the school calls...

It's never a good thing. From illness, to behavioral issues, and everything inbetween. When I see the schools number on the caller ID the hairs on my arms stand straight up.

The school just called my cell...again...for the 2nd time this inform me that my child is in ISS (In School Suspension) for slapping another student. That's precious little sweet girl smacked a classmate right across his cheek!

Apparently the boy was intentionally blocking access to her locker and refused to move upon demand/request, so she reacted by smacking him. I don't know why she would do this. She does not get smacked at home for punishment. She does not get spankings or whipped with a belt. She may have experienced a few swats on the diaper as a toddler, but that was 9 years ago.

I'm not sure what creative discipline is going to happen tonight. I have dinner to prep, and an appointment after dinner so I need to get to working on that.

More to come later. Right now I need some time to think, and there is a dinner to make!


  1. Sounds like there is more to the story. Sounds like she was frustrated and angry and maybe even feeling helpless. If words weren't working... she needs to know the best course of action to take in the future. I'm not sure if punishment is the best course of action or empowerment, you know?

  2. We are thinking along the same lines, Liz. When she got caught cheating last month we had a nice chat, and we decided to have her write letters of apology as her "discipline".

    I'm usually pretty good at working out a plan that suits the offense, and making it a good teaching moment.

    I plan to have a talk with her, but beyond that I don't know...I don't have the full story yet, and I also don't know how she is already handling it. Should be an interesting conversation. We've never had problems like this outside of sibling rivalry.