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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Children's Keepsakes

Many of you, I am sure, have held onto more stuff from one child than you have from your own childhood. I know I have! As I purged the boys closets (age 7 & 3) last night I cam acrossed a few things and I asked myself the following questions:

1. Does it fit? Nope

2. Would it serve another purpose? Not likely

3. Will your son want to save this when he is in his early 20's? I doubt it.

4. Do you want to save & STORE 5 years of hand painted holiday sweatshirts made at school by your 4 children? That's 20 sweatshirts!! Not really.

5. Is it something you have to have? No.

So...let us share our thoughts on what to keep, what to let go of, and why.

We can "memorialize" most of these keepsakes in photos. Why keep the shirt when I have aphoto of him wearing it proudly in a scrapbook album that says "Dane in his homemade holiday shirt he painted at the 1st grade school winter party!"

My kid (boys at least) is not going to want that ratty old stuffed animal he slept with for a year. I took 1,000 photos of him snuggles up with his "Spidey" (which by the way is NOT a spider man, but a Halloween stuffed spider that he slept with from Halloween to Halloween 2007- Halloween 2008.) LOL

Kids artwork-Take photos of the artwork itself and make a digital scrapbook of the best pieces. It's small, compact, orderly, and makes the artwork look like modern art! When my kids were in preschool I would frame their paintings in black frames with white mats and I hung a series of them in the hallway. I switched them out on occasion, and it was like a gallery display! Now I just do photos of them holding the art, or of the art itself! Here's an example :)

I kept all of their 1st pair of shoes, and an outfit. I adore the baby outfit of mine that mom saved, so I hope they will to someday!

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