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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finders Keepers

For the past 2 years Reis Nichols has hosted a game called finders keepers from the 1st of February until Valentines day. They hide a piece of their jewelry in a secret location, post a clue to where it is hidden on their website as well as on teir Facebook fan page. Anyone can go search for the treasure, and whomever finds it gets to keep the jewelry as well as select a charity that Reis Nichols will donate $100 in your name.

Last year we had a lot of fun trying to figure out the clues and hunt down the prize. We did not find one, but a friend of mines boyfriend did find one and she received a beautiful necklace for Valentines day for free!

This year I wasn't into it as much. I read the daily clues and never had a bit of interest in going out to search. On Wednesday the clue they gave was "Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?" Everyone seemed certain the clue hinted twoards Mary. I felt very strongly that the clue was more focused on "Garden" and that Mary was not related.

Still not having much interest in searching I told my friends I would check the Olive Garden restaurants, or even florists. On Thursday morning it was posted that Wedesdays prize had not been found. They posted a second clue. "With Southern smells, a welcome bell, and pretty maids all in a row"

I called my parents and asked if they had any ideas on the location. They did not. Fifteen minutes later my grandmother called and told me she thought it was at the Hilton Garden in South. This location was just 3 minutes from my home.

So I drove over to the Hilton Garden Inn. I uploaded a photo to my Facebook page when I arrived. I was certain that I was in the right spot! Garden, bell hops, maids, and we are in southern Indianapolis. I was quite surprised that when I arrived I could only see one set of footprints in the snow. It appeared that no one else had checked the area! My friends kept sending me text messages fro Facebook cheering me on to find that jewelry!

So I searched, and I searched. I had 2 hours to kill before the kids came home. I looked inside and around every trash can. I walked in snow up to my calves searching the patio, the gazebo, the fountain and garden areas. I even went inside and scoured the lobby! I gave up and decided there was no way it could be there. No way!

An hour later Reis Nichols posted on their website that they had checked on the jewelry and it was in fact still in it's undisclosed hiding spot. So I decided after the kids came home we'd go search the Olive Garden. The kids had a great time searching the snow for buried treasure for mommy.

We came home to find out that the piece had been found. It was found at...wait for it...are you ready for this...the Hilton Garden South! It had been there the whole time. I don't know how I overlooked it. I had the whole place to myself. So many days the secret location was flooded with searchers.

Congrats to the winner, who I am told did not actually find the piece. Apparently a man cleaning the parking lot found it and gave it to her!

The lady received the "key to her heart" necklace. It's all good though because it's not really my style and I wouldn't likely have worn it much.

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