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Friday, February 5, 2010

Adult Women should not roller skate!

We had out monthly moms night out with the Cosmo moms, a group on Indy moms in their 30's, and we had a great time!

We enjoyed dinner at El Azabache  for dinner...and I use the term "enjoyed" loosely. Bleh.
...and then we went roller skating!

That's me, in the black in the last photo above with my girl, Satch. :)

One of our moms went down for the count, and apparently injured herself a bit. 
 She's laughing here, but we later found out she was hiding some real pain :(

After the skating we moved onto some hill jack bar by my house, and ended up at I Hop around 4am. I haven't stayed out so late or had so much fun in a long time! Yes, I Fb...even at bars!
Good times with some great moms. Man does my head hurt!

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