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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Living with a bully

My sweet 11 year old daughter has turned into quite a monster. It ll started right around the beginning of 5th grade. She is constantly being rude to her brothers, both older and younger, and she is extremely hormonal and irrational.

If her brother is sitting to close for her comfort on the couch she will kick him, knock him off of the couch, engage him in name calling, and even hits the boys for seemingly no reason at all.

This week she crossed the line when she smacked a boy at school on his face. We've been looking for movies or books to try and educate her on the affects of bullying. I was overjoyed today when i read about the opportunity to win 2 tickets to the girlworld 2010. This opportunity is offered at Eternal Lizdom and you can find out more info at on the tour itself.

Wish me luck! May the odds be in our favor!

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