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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I am official

I went to the gym today. I put in approx 2 miles on the elliptical and a mile on the dreadmill. I hobbled (is that a real word?) out of the gym and headed straight to Blue Mile to get myself better running shoes. I was sad to realize that they were not open yet. I'm not normally the early bird. This isn't Vegas. Blah.

I headed home to do the whole ice and ibuprofen routine and I started talking myself out of spending the $100 on new shoes. I had just bought a $100 pair of Asics that were on clearance with an additional discount and a $10 off coupon for just under $43. I felt guilty enough spending nearly $50 on those shoes. Now the running specialist is telling me I need a different pair. *sigh*

It's not like I'm a runner. I mean...if I ran marathons I could totally justify buying the expensive shoes. If I were a daily runner maybe that would make me official enough to have better shoes. I don't think running the past 7 days consecutively counts.

Every runner has to start somewhere I suppose. Here's the thing. I have to believe I will stick with running. I quit smoking in January. In February joined a gym so that I could do weight training and run on the snowy and nasty days when outdoor running isn't ideal so that I could run off and past the extreme nightly cravings. In March I quit my anti anxiety meds, and I started a biggest loser competition in April. All things point to me NEEDING running in my life. I cannot be that mom that is smoking a cigarette on the way to pick her child up from track practice. I cannot be that mom that is out of shape and cannot keep up with her kids anymore. I cannot be the stressed out mom that I've been lately. I have to get off these excess pounds because it greatly affects my self worth to me.

Running helps with all of these hurdles. When I want to smoke...I run. When I want to work out...I run. When I am feeling sad...I run. When I want to lose weight...I run. What needs to change is when I am past the smoking craving or the fitness goals have been met, the depression is under control and I am at my goal weight...I have to keep running. I don't want to stop again. I need that daily maintenance for my mind, body, and soul.

I posted about the shoes on Facebook and a friend told me about the store offering a $10 discount on your purchase during your birthday month. It just so happens that I am an April baby! I had not received an e-mail on this so I called the store and as it turns out they had me listed on my sons account so I wasn't getting the emails. She said she would gladly honor the discount for me. Score!

So, what is my point? Ah yes...It is official: today I declare myself a runner because it helped me to justify going back to the Blue Mile, and paying $90 on my new running shoe's (with my birthday discount) which have the perfect amount of stability for my over pronation as well as enough cushion to comfort my heavy strike. Nike Air Structure 14...which ironically is the same shoe they fit me in back in 2008. Go figure!

I met a friend at the gym and did approx another 2 miles on the elliptical in the new shoes and I felt great. After dinner my husband and I run together so I just ran my 1st mile in the new shoes and it felt like I was running on clouds with no pain on impact. WIN! Here's to happy feet!

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