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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eating Healthy

I recently started watching what I eat because life got a little busy for a while and I let my weight gain get out of control. I knew I was over eating so I started tracking calories and really watching my portion control...or lack there of.

I know when you first start this process most people feel like they are starving. They feel like it's just not enough food. Believe me...I've been there and I am one MEAN hungry girl. Haha!

Once you get past that stage and your stomach shrinks back to it's normal size...you get used to what you should be eating, and it get's easier.

As I sat here eating my lunch today I realized a few things about my new eating habits.

I'm eating slower. I looked at the clock and thought to myself "Geesh, could you milk the clock anymore for this lunch, lady?" Ha! I usually eat on the go, and never really give myself time to enjoy my food. Plus...I think that in my guilty mind... the faster I eat it the less time I have to face the reality of what I am eating.

This brings me to my next reason. I don't feel guilt. Usually when I stop at a fast food place for lunch I feel bad. I know I've made bad choices. I know I could have something healthier. I just feel so guilty for eating crappy foods, and in excess to boot. So...I usually scarf it down too fast and move on with my day. When I eat healthy I look at food differently. I observe the colors. I enjoy the flavors as they shoud be. You know...you just enjoy something more when you put effort into it. At least...I do. :)

Lastly...I just feel better. I feel like I'm eating foods that with sooth my soul. I know that sounds corny, but it's true! I just feel like eating healthier is the best way that I can worship my temple. It's one of the greatest gifts I can give to myself. No one can take it away, and everyone can benefit from it.

I know many of you that are on a journey to a healthier you and maybe you haven't realized how many ways eating healthier can benefit you!
It's not just about being a ceratin size or weight. It's about being healthy and enjoying more out of life.

Much love on your journey and I look forward to reading your success along the way!

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  1. Great post!! This is one you can go back and read when you have a day filled with struggles. It's one I'm going to come back and read when I'm facing food struggles!