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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How Facebook Ruins Stuff

I love Facebook. I love how it gives me the chance to keep up with friends who I would otherwise not speak to more than once or twice a year. I also love how Facebook reminds me of why I wouldn't ordinarily speak to that person more than once or twice a year. I also love how Facebook gives people the chance to see/read a side of me that they cannot see in real life.

With all that's great to be said of Facebook...it ruins stuff!

1. Nothing ruins a moment, like finding out your loved one is pregnant or that an old friend has died like reading it on Facebook. Can people not pick up a phone anymore?!? (Sorry Brooke)

2. I feel compelled to like what people are saying all.the.time. Facebook has turned me into a Like whore. There really needs to be various levels of liking. I mean..I like everyone, but some things I really LOVE and somethings are like...meh...which by the way is a make believe word that I learned on Facebook.

3. Facebook ruins how we write. I was recenlty writing a letter and kept catching myself wanting to be witty with my phrases, as if I didn't have a whole letter to express how i felt.

4. I always hear it on Facebook first. My husband wants to tell me abotu something he read in the paper and I tell him that I read it on Facebook...and suddenly we have nothing to talk about.

5. My kids won't talk to me anymore because they can just facebook inbox me their questions.

6. Finding out things about your friends via their photos and feeling like an ass because no one told you that Mary Jane died her hair blue, or got a new boyfriend. She announced it on facebook the day your signal was down and you never got the status...and now you feel all left out because Mary Jane didn't even bother to send out a mass message.

7. If you haven't seen the latest show you will be subjected to witty quotes and numerous spoilers instantaneously.

8. It doesn't matter if you like sports or not. On game days your will be subjected to play by plays until your ears bleed. Nothing like 300 of your friends letting the world know that we are not going to win. I'm pretty sure we'd all know when the game ended, but okay.

9. Seeing pics of your drunk ass friends exposing themselves or doing anything that makes your skin crawl. Fail. I cannot look you in the eyes ever again. Be gone and take your ass crack with you.

10. Finding out that someone is having an affair because he/she is too stupid to realize that when they type on their lovers wall the comment shows up to all of his/her friends. Secret lover my ass.

There you have it. 10 reasons Facebook ruins stuff.

Have a lovely day =P


  1. Oh snap! I've never seen #10...but I kinda wanna because that would be funny. Well, I mean not like funny-funny but more like "you're an idiot" funny.

    Love this!

  2. yes, # 3! Well, a variation on it, anyway -- I find that it has ruined how I *think*. I'll find myself engrossed in a task but little status snips keep running through my head, each competing to be the one hat will be posted to the world when I'm back at my computer. As if the world needs my wit about weeding. Sheesh.

  3. I love and hate Facebook too. I live far from my hometown and it really is pretty much my only social outlet, which is sad. I really need to make some "real" friends down here. I too am tired of hearing about deaths, pregnancies, divorces and affairs on Facebook too. But at elsat I konw that 139 other friends just heard about it too.