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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Morning Madness

Create a morning routine, because you and your family deserve it!

Set bedtimes for you and your children. Time your mornings to gage how much time you really need to get ready and adjust your schedule to suit that timeframe. Be realistic, and give extra time for hiccups. :)

Split some of the responsibilites for the younger siblings between the older siblings. (Help find shoes, put on socks, put on coat, etc.)

Have your children pick out and set out clothing the night before.

Encourage independence and responsibility with your children. If they can do something on their own, encourage them to do so.

Pack lunches, snacks, and medicines the night before.

Ensure all homework is finished, put away, and all backpacks and diaper bags are set by the door the night before.

Limit the households morning phone calls to urgent needs.

Set your breakfast table the night before.

Keep all electronics off in the morning. No TV, radio, games, computers. No one needs these distractions and it's just not a good way to start your brain in the morning if it can be avoided!

Try your best to meet the school bus on time so you don't have to make an extra trip to drop the children off at school. One day last year we just skipped breakfast all together and had the kids eat school breakfast in order to catch the bus. It was worth the $1.50 to save me from loading up 3 kids and possibly missing another bus in the process!

Wash breakfast dishes before you leave to work. Coming home to a sink full of dirty dishes is depressing!

Eliminate repeat complications in your morning. Come up with unique soloutions for your own family that will eliminate that morning madness.

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