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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Daily Routine

I swear by my daily checklists, and every single time I stop using them things fall apart! I have to get back to using them. I have been slacking on them since school started and it's time to get that routine back! Here is what my daily routine looks like. My routine is based off of the FlyLady system. Many moms tell me her system in hard to follow because of all of the emails.

It took me a while to create my routine, but once I got all the kinks worked out it really suits me. Feel free to modify it to meet your needs. I printed mine off and put it into sheet protectors. I can then make check marks with dry erase marker on the sheet protector and reuse the checklist every day! I keep it in a binder with my monthly zone cleaning and my other household lists...which I will post blogs on those another day.

I know it seems like a lot, and it may seem silly to have so much stuff in a routine, but when I don't follow the checklist I get overwhelmed and I forget things! Plus it makes it easier to think of one task at a time instead of rethinking of the same task over and over, only to forget it eventually! I suggest you use 3 pages for the morning, afternoon, and bedtime routines so you eyes have less to be visually overwhelmed by.

Morning routine

• Make the bed

• Drink 20 oz. water

• Get showered & dressed

• Quick wipe down of the vanity and toilet

• Eat breakfast

• Put laundry in the dryer

• Start washing bedding

• Put clean dishes away

• Load dishwasher

• 6am wake-up the oldest

• Breakfast for him

• 6:15 wake-up the daughter

• Breakfast for her

• Check oldests binder

• Sign daughters planner

• 7am wake-up the middle son

• Breakfast for him

• Give him his meds

• Sign his planner

• 7:30am wake-up the baby boy

• Breakfast for him

• Pack his diaper bag

• Check e-mail

• Gather reports

• Load camera battery & memory card

It may seem daunting to wake-up and serve 4 kids at 4 different times, but it works for us. We have 3 different busses to catch, and this gives me a small bit of one on one time to help the kids start the day off! I usually cook the breakfast all at once, and just serve it in shifts.

Afternoon routine

• Put bedding in dryer

• Wash laundry

• Drink 20 oz. water

• Check e-mail

• Check in on social networking websites

• Do homework with kids

• Start dinner

• Set the table

• Zone cleaning

• Use 2 minutes to tidy one spot

• Use 5 mins for  quick tidy of the worst room

• Pick up trash around the house (wrappers, boxes, tissues, etc.)

• My home power hour (I'll link this to another blog about my power hour)

Evening routine

• Put laundry in dryer

• Drink 20 oz. water

• Check schedule

• 7:30pm bath routine

• Have kids brush teeth

• Set out school clothes

• Sign planners & logs

• Visit social networking sites again

• Fold laundry

• Charge cell

• Charge camera battery

• Enter reports

• Charge home phones

• Load and start dishes

• Clean out the kitchen sink

• Brush teeth

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