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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cheating Child

The school just called my cell...to inform me my child was caught CHEATING!!! Sooo dissapointed!

You know, I really truly know my children aren't perfect. I've never claimd them to be...but there is really no excuse for this behavior. I have raised these kids to know better than that. It's beyond disheartening to me because I know how I was raised, and I practically kill myself to be more than the polar opposite of a parent to the I had. It's a complete insult to my job as a parent, and I just really have no words for this child right now. We may not speak until bedtime. I'm that upset by this.

Later that day...

I'm calming down...and I'm leaning twoards this being a lengthy conversation and apology letters for teacher, and accomplice, as well as to myself, and even to self. Beyond that, we will be writing up new contracts for gaming privleges, and responsibilities at home.

Later that night...

Well, we had a nice talk. My child is full of remourse, and basically, according to the Dean, this is how it went down. My child did not complete one Math problem because my child was spaced out in class, not paying attention to the lesson, and didn't understand the question. Instead of asking mom and/or dad for help my child had decided to take a deduction in points for the unanswered question. Apparently Mom is so scary that my child would prefer to take a B instead of asking me for homework help at pm. :( Lesson learned! Mom will work on that :)

So, while getting ready to turn in the homework my child told the student sitting at the next desk "I didn't do question #5 because I didn't understand it." to which the other student offered up his homework and said "Just copy down my answers." So, my child decided to go for it, and the Teacher witnessed the whole thing.

We talked about honesty, cheating, responsibility, who all was affected by your actions, and what decision could have been made differently for a more favorable outcome. ... See More

The rule is no game time until homework is completed in it's entirety. The new rule is no game time, TV watching, or playing until homework is completed in it's entirty, AND until mom or Dad has verified that all homework is completely completed and placed into hte school binder and in the backpack. This may mean waiting far longer to play games, as mom will not stop what she is doing to check your homework immediately. You will wait.

On top of the chat, my child is also writing a letter of apology to the teacher for disrupting class, being disrespectful, for not giving 100%, and for not asking for help.

A letter of apology for the other student involved will be written to say I'm sorry for involvong you in this situation, and I apologize for accepting your offer to copy your homework. I should have said no because cheating is never appropriate.

Lastly, while dear old mom is at her 2nd job tonight a letter will be written apologizing for whatever my child feels should be apologized for. I personally think it should be a thank you letter for busting my rump to provide a good life for these kids, but we'll see what my child comes up with.

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