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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Italian Pork loin (crockpot)

We made this concoction on a whim. We needed a lot of meat for a birthday party, and something easy to serve and maintain. We had planned to do BBQ Pork with buns. Instead we came up with this, and it was a hit with everyone from toddler to Seniors!

4-5 lb Pork loin
16 oz. jar of pepperonchini
1 can of beef broth
2 cups of water
(Season to taste if you think it needs it-Next time I plan to add fresh chopped cilantro right before serving!)

Place Pork Loin in crock pot, and ad pepperonchini's, broth, and water. Cook 0n low for 8 hours.
Drain enough of the liquid to keep the meat wet without it being completely submerged. You want your guests to be able to spoon out a portion of meat without it being to wet for a bun, but not so dry that it burns up sitting in the crock pot. How's that for precise? ;)

Shred meet in the remaining liquid. (Optional: remove pepperonchinis, or chop up pepperonchinis and return to crock pot.)

Add 2 TBSP minced Garlic (We used the jar kind...it's okay. Emeril approves)

Serve right from the crock pot with BBQ sauce on the side, and buns/pita/tortillas/etc. of your liking.

Serves many many happy people.

Forgot to take a pic, but it smells wonderful, and tastes great without the BBQ sauce as well!

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