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Friday, September 4, 2009

9/4 It's Friday Fragments & Freewrite! (Thanks Liz)

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I've been trying to figure out this whole blog thing, and as I read Eternal Lizdom today it occurs to me that many bloggers have days where they have a set blog theme. The two Mems above are linked to the bloggers who have started the Friday Freewrite and Friday Fragment movements, so be sure to visit them for inspiration too! 

This may be the best bloggin' idea I've found in 10 years, LOL! I've not been in the blog scene with any matter of consistency. How can I make Facebook and IMLM a priority and not make my writing a priority here? We'll see how this helps!

Now...onto todays Fragments!

Do you ever just get so tired of feeling like you will never dig yourself out of debt? I know I do. No matter how small the debt is it seems to always be there! From medical bills, to taxes, to unexpected home repairs...it's never ending! 

If I could turn back time to before the kids got used to the way we live I'd move into a tent and just live off the land. I can't stand it when I think we are finally getting afloat only to find that one child needs xrays, and another needs a tooth pulled, and another is overdue for his EKG. 

I just thought life was supposed to be easier in America than this! Lots of life lessons to teach my kids I suppose. Paying on student loans up until my oldest starts college has been a huge eye opener for me. I will work to pay for my kids educations if it kills me to avoid them having to face the stresses of student loans for the next 15 years of their adult lives! I'll also be sure they understand the expense of continuing education and to not take it lightly! Know what you want to be when you grow up before you start! None of this switching Majors 6 times stuff!

~I would love to find time to have a yard sale in the coming weeks so I can reclaim my garage before winter! I have been purging and purging the kids rooms, the kitchen, basically everywhere...and I still have tons more. Every time I purge I look around and think "That should have gone. So should have this." It's another seemingly never ending facet of life!

~I have been contemplating quitting my job for months now. Last night I jumped to the other end of the spectrum. Seems like I think I now need a 2nd job in an effort to pay off some debt. I don't know what to do. I would need something part-time working in the evenings, preferably at 7pm so I can do homework with the kids and attend all the weekend daytime sporting events with my children. I don't know what kind of job would offer such hours, but I am on the hunt!

I've been having the hardest time getting Andrew to be more organized with his school paperwork. His responsibility level has not matured past age 5. It becomes more noticeable as his siblings get older. Seeing his 7 y/o brother and 10 y/o sister mature over the past year has really shown us just how behind he is in social skills too. While I completely relate to the way his brain works, as mine is much the same, I cannot figure out why he doesn't try harder. Instead he just cries, sulks, whines, complains, and placed blame. It's always the teachers fault, the siblings fault, etc.

I have this hideously ugly bathroom that needs retiled. I would love to do it myself. I thought about watching craigslist for some free tile postings, since I cannot spend on such things right now. I wonder what the chances are that I'd find some? I once needed mulch and I found that a business had posted free mulch on craigslist and when I called it was already gone. Bummer!

Well, that's it for my Friday posting. I have a Mommymoon Network board meeting at 10:30. This one is a live chat online, so I get to work in my Jammies. Yay!

Have a great day!



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