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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kids Have Goals Too

I asked my children what accomplishments they were proud of achieving in 2011.

My teen son said he was proud to have survived the first half of his freshman year in high school.
He said he hopes to try harder to get good grades in Spanish and learn better study habits in 2012.

My pre-teen daughter said she was proud to have all A's in her advanced classes and one B in Biology.
She said she has the irrational goal of beating the 1 mile school record. I think she can do it.

My 8 year old son said he was proud to have been chosen for the Math Bowl team, and Spell Bowl even though he didn't accept the invite to the Spell Bowl team.
He said he is going to prove that the world is NOT going to end on Dec. 22nd by staying awake all night and laughing when the next day comes and we're still here.

My 5 year old son said he was proud to have learned how to read in kindergarten this year.
He said he wants to learn how to tie his shoes this year.

We've been working on it. To be honest...I never really understood the whole bunny rabbit in the hole thing. It'a probably the worst subject for me to teach a child. Shoe tying 101. I'll take Physics any day over that.

Good Stuff. Here we come 2012. Watch out!

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