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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Children's Museum part 1: Vampire Vacation

We spent 5 hours at The Children's Museum today. Aiden enjoyed his very 1st Haunted House tour at Vampire Vacation! The kids had a lot of fun, and thankfully Aiden wasn't even a little bit scared. Maybe it's all the zombies and ghouls I keep around home. He must be numb to the whole experience. :)

Yes, we are well aware that I take a lot of pictures. 
I am not oblivious to how completely annoying it can be. 
I simply don't care. ;)
Hey-At least I took the pocket camera today. Baby steps.
Witches...Heathens. It's all the same, almost...isn't it?
Oh yes...we will be making bat wallies like this for our house. For sure!
I simply must have this vampire dude hanging from my cathedral ceiling.
I want this for the front yard...but with my actual mother in law in it. Ha ha. Just kidding!
Nice blood splatter action. We have this cape and rib cage. I'm gonna try to make this!
I need to find some bug rats like this!
I'd like to build a coffin like this for the house. Halloween party's are so fun!
I love their fence around this. This may be just what our graveyard has been missing. 
I'll be looking for some fencing on clearance at the end of the season this year for sure! 
Well...it was much scarier without the flash...
...but then you couldn't see the kids. Priorities.
I think your rubber chicken is done, dude.
Count Rushmore. Ha!
 My new profile pic
 ...and next weeks profile pic.
 My profile pic for Halloween.
I didn't really "get" the Hollywood stars but...yum. 
Edward Scissorhands...that's old school!
Boo! This reminded me of the love statue at the state museum.
One last pic as we exited the haunted house!

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