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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Break!

We don't have a lot planned for Fall Break 2011. I had planned a trip to Alabama to see our old neighbors but as it turns out their fall break schedule is weeks apart from ours here in Indiana.

The best part about school breaks is getting to sleep in. When I woke up I found sister playing a computer game with her two little brothers. This is a very rare moment! Don't get me wrong...they get along most times but the boys are large and in charge, and normally more loud and hyper than sis can handle in the early morning hours.

This warms my heart!
I went to check on the man child. As I walked towards his room I found that even puppers was sleeping in.
Man child was just starting to wake as I walked in. He name called me for coming in with my camera. 
We'll just pretend that didn't happen. Turd. 
He does have a point...it turns out that having your photo taken with bed head in your jammies isn't as fun on the receiving end. :)
This is how we celebrate breaks in our house. I simply do not want to cook french toast, eggs, sausage, and toast on my "day off" so....I splurged on a box of over priced, over processed, sugar laden "whole grains"

This makes me a super hero of monumental proportions to 8 little feet today. 
They very very rarely get the good stuff. 

I'm headed off to work...just felt like I needed to stop snapping pictures every day and do nothing with them so I should really try to blog them more often. 

We're planning a trip to The Children's Museum and the Haunted Museum too. We are also planning a trip to the pumpkin patch. We'll see if this rain lets up. It's been raining for days and the lake is swelling up quite a bit!

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