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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

We have enjoyed Waterman's Fall Harvest Festival in previous years. They offer hay rides to the pumpkin patch, the kids usually walk the corn mazes, play in the hay, pet some animals, and they feature a pumpkin eating dinosaur named Tyranny during this time. They have crafts and goodies and much much more. It's a great local business that is family owned. We love it there.

This year with the weather turning cold so fast, and relentless rains...I just didn't feel up to it. I wanted to literally go buy pumpkins at a big box retailer and be done with it. I wanted to carve them before I lost the desire to. I found out that Waterman's had a second location just south of Indy. My oldest child insisted he still wanted the pumpkin patch experience and of course I did not want to rob the younger kids of that so we decided to check out the less developed Waterman's down south.

Since it was so dreary outside they did not have any of the extra's set up...like hay rides, and bounce house, or the petting zoo...which was kinda lame. I think it was 3 chickens and 2 goats. I'm not sure what constitutes a petting zoo but I am pretty sure that this is a stretch.

It was, however, perfect for us! We just needed pumpkins and the kids wanted to pick them themselves and rip 'em off the vine. They really are so much like me. :)

So, if you are ever looking for pumpkins in Indianapolis and you either don't have funds for the whole festival or you don't have time...weather is bad, etc. you should check out Waterman's south location. It was just what we needed...at least for this year! Hopefully next year will be warmer and not so wet!

When we entered the barn we were immediately greeted by this dog. I'm not a dog person but I seriously love this dog. I wish our dogs were outside dogs. I bet I'd get along with them better if the were. Ha! 
As we exited the back of the barn there were 2 goats crying at us. At least I think that they are goats. I mean...they kinda looked like a sheep and goat made babies. I really should get out more! 
Aiden decided to try to feed them some grass and they started climbing the chicken wire fencing!
Dad got a cart and we headed out to a very muddy pumpkin patch. 
Andrew found his pumpkin right away. It was lying long the side of the path. It looked like one that someone picked and decided not to take home. Lazy teenager. Remember that this was HIS idea to go to an actual patch in the rain and the cold. Shaking my head. Haha!
My daughter picked her pumpkin for it's shape. She wanted to have one that was perfectly round. That's my girl! ;)
The kids were calling this dog "pumpkin" and he happily pranced all around us in the patches. 
Dane really liked how smooth this pumpkin was. 
and little bit...he still wasn't quite strong enough to do it on his own but he tried!
Aiden hitched a ride with the pumpkins on the way back to the barn.
Nadine found the smallest pumpkin
When we got back to the barn three chickens had come out to play. 

That dog followed them everywhere!
All in all it was a good time despite the rain and strong cold winds. I'm glad that we went. 


  1. Love this and the pics are great!

  2. Love the pics! U r such a great mom thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the last picture of them all holding hands and walking!! :)