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Friday, October 21, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

We carve pumpkins every year. While it may seem like some of the kids have never had this experience before I assure you that they have and they will not likely ever warm up to the process but momma makes them do it anyway. I don't get my nails did to go and gut pumpkins, alright?

My Aiden is always the 1st one to get his hands dirty.
"Momma, can we eat the guts?"
Dane is seriously disturbed by the whole process. 
Andrew think's it is just plane gross. 
He started gagging and had to walk away. He looked like Keenan
There is simply no occasion that does not warrant a tutu for this girl.
Daddy had to help Aiden carve his pumpkin
...and Momma helped with Dane's a little bit too.
Andrew decided to drum on his pumpkin hoping to knock the seeds out so he could carve it.
Interestingly enough we discovered that the dogs like pumpkin. Who knew?
Of course this rodent will eat anything. He's like a freakin' Honey Badger
(*disclaimer* link is to a YouTube Video not suitable for children.)
Aiden's design for 2011 is a ghost!
 Andrew's jack-o-lantern face is more traditional this year.
 Sis made a dragon. Her boyfriend like dragons. So sweet. 
 Dave carved a spooky cat design this year.

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