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Sunday, April 25, 2010

March for Babies!

My daughter and I participated in the March for Babies 2010 here in Indianapolis. I wasn't expecting it to be a good day. In fact, with the rain and the temp Ihad considered just staying home. Nadine is not a morning person. At all. I really thought between the rain and the sleepyhead she would be grumpasaurus and it would make for a miserable morning.

I'm so glad we went. We got to spend time with a few mommy friends, and were able to talk and just enjoy each other alng the 5 mile walk.

There was rain, and there were puddles. We came acrossed a big puddle, I look at my daughter and I knew she'd be thinking what I was thinking. Puddle jumping! So..maybe some patrons didn't really care for our childish behavior, but it's one of the things I adore about me...and I'll hold tight to my inner child for as long as I can!

Above is the team we walked with. The IndyMoms made for good company!

This is the start of the walk.
Here's Nadine acting innocent as you scopes out the puddles
At first she just walks through them. Her feet were soaked. My Keens kept my feet bone dry!
...and then the jumping began. First small hops, and eventually it was a full on splash fest between she and I!
At the end of the walk we spotted some baby ducklings in the canal. Nadine thought this was pretty cool since we were marching for babies, even if they were of the human variety =)
We observed lots of cool art along the walk. I took about a dozen photos of sculptures, but this blog is already pic heavy so I'll just share one!
This is the Dad stroller brigade! They were such troppers, and the little ones were too!
This is really bad face painting.
This was really good face painting
They had a lot of vendors and we enjoyed lunch, and some crafts and activities. I'm no longer allowed to photograph her eating. It's a girl thing. Sis got a balllon hat, and made a foam dorr hanger.

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