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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Contain your things!

I found a good website recently while doing some research on home organization. I use many of the tips in my home already, and thought I'd share a few of my ideas today.

For more ideas on how to organize with baskets and containers check out http://www.organizewithbaskets.com/

Here are a few ways that I use various containers in my home. I prefer to use plastic conatiners for liquids, bath items, make-up, etc. because if and item leaks or spills the mess is contained, and plastic is easy to clean! Feel free to share yours too!

1. I use a large rectangular lined wicker basket for Wii Games

2. This star box was a dorm room accessory...maybe for a desk? The drawers are perfect for holding the kids Gameboys, games, cords, etc. all in one organized, easy to locate area

3. I buy these little plastic handled totes at the Dollar Tree. They are great in the linen closet! I use them to keep things sorted by groups, like one for bath salts, beads, soaps. One for rarely used medicines, and one for dog shampoo, flea treatments, etc.

4. I buy these smaller containers at the Dollare Tree as well. This one holds all sun related products, from sunscreen, to aloe, and solarcane! It's easy to grab this tote and take it to the pool, or even transfer them to the diaper bag for traveling. I try to buy containers that make the best use of the space, and use different colors so they are easier to identify!

5. These larger plastic handled totes come out around back to school time and summer time. Not sure what they are meant for, but I use them to hold items that wont stand on their own, like my nail kits, files, polish, remover, etc. I have 3 that stand side by side in the linen closet too!

6. This was a plastic picnic silverware tray. I keep it in the hall/guest bath for some of the kids toiletries. It's easy to pull out and put back in the closet.

7. This is a wicker basket that I use in the bathroom for my husbands reading materials books...since he reads a lot in the restroom. =D

8. This is a cleaning supplies carry tray that we use under the sink to contain the items we don't use often, like hair clippers...the towel rack I've been trying to get installed for 3 years, cleaning wipes for mirror, and swish & swipe, extra razors, etc.

9. I call this decorative function. Every year after Christmas I buy one of those gift bath and body baskets. Okay...I lie...I buy more than one, but at 75% off I want all the products. LOL! Anyway, I keep it on the back of the toilet for guests. If someone needs some lotion, or any bathing toiletries they are there and easy to locate. I also leave the body sprays in there so guests can spray them if they stink up the restroom. Plus it just looks pretty

10.These are biscuit jars from Target (Walmart sells them too) and they are meant for kitchen items, like sugar, flour, coffee, etc. I use them in my craft area for pencils, pens, markers, crayons, glue sticks, erasers, etc.

11. These are buddeez containers. In my baking cabinet they keep my flour, sugar, and other baking goods fresh, dry, safe from bugs, and it keeps the ingredients from seeping out into my cabinet! The buddeez containers are sold at Walmart and they have some great products, from cereal containers, to bread contaniers, to these flour and sugar bag containers, and even larger ones for pet foods, etc. They have handles so they are easier to get down from the higher shelves too!

12. I use this 3 drawer plastic unit to keep all of my different papers together in the desk hutch. From address labels, to resume paper, to note card stock, and any other printer papers that are not used often. This is a new one for me! I like that it keeps them out of the dust and laying flat so the paper doesn't get curvy. I'm type A like that!

13. Photo boxes are great for lots of things beyond photos. I use these in my desk hutch to keep office supplies together. (Tape, staples, post-its, thumb tacks, Label tape, etc.

I keep mace at my desk...so don't attack me! :)

14. Little baskets on my desk keep the small stuff orderly, like my reciept & coupon organizers, and it's a great place to quickly drop reciepts & coupons when I don't have time to sort them and put them away!

15. I use plastic tote baskets like these in the kids closets and the mud room to hold next size up items. If I find a good deal on shoes I buy them up and store them here above the shoe cubbies so they are close by! I use them in the kids closets for clothes I buy in sizes ahead too!

16. I use this shower caddy for my daily hair care products, deoderant, lotion, lense cleaner, pick, brush, comb, parfume, body spray, and hair clips to make getting ready for the day much easier. It stores neatly under the sink in the vanity

17. And last, but not least is my fave container. The Sterilite Show-off. Great for so many things from sorting toys, to craft supplies, seasonal items, etc. I have them everywhere! They have a handle that makes totoing around the building blocks easy for my toddler, and they keep my middle sons Legos together!

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