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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mail, mail, and more junk mail!

Having stacks of mail laying around the house can be maddening, especially when 90% of it is "junk mail". Here are a few tips to help you get the piles under control!

1. Have a designated place for mail. It could be a basket by the front door, an in-box that sits on your desk, or even just a specific place on the counter top that everyone knows exists. This is the key. If the kids get the mail they may plop it down by the computer. Your husband may lay it on the kitchen table. If everyone knows where the mail should live they will be more likely to put it in it;s place!

2. I keep a small bathroom trash can under my desk. When I have time I sort through it, immediately drop what is recycleable in a basket/bag for drop off (which I am HORRIBLE about remembering to do!) and I place any trash in the trash can. Coupons immediately go int my coupon sorter, and bills go in a to-pay stack on the desk.

I used to immediately put all the bills in a folder in my household notebook when I paid bills, but my husband does it differently, so I don't know what he does with them after he pays them. I'm guessing he throws them away.

Some people even keep a trash can by the front door and toss the junk mail before they enter the house so it never comes into the home.

3. I use a plastic heavy duty No. 10 sized envelope accordian sorter for my coupons. Some people have a coupon binder with baseball card inserts to organize their coupons. You can find lots of info on coupon organization at Inexpensively.com!

Once you get the mail situation under control you will find less clutter piles uparound your home because clutter attracts clutter!

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