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Thursday, April 1, 2010

1st camping trip of the 2010 season!

We went down to Brown County, Indiana to open up our travel trailer for the season. It was beautiful weather, and the kids and I got right to work cleaning out the fire pit, and blowing leaves into the forest.
Aiden had fun jumping in the leaves after be blew them in a pile!
Nadine enjoyed whittling a walking stick or two
...and after dinner we roasted some marshmellows.
 On Saturday we went on a hike in the Hoosier National forest.
The signs of spring were peeking through here and there.
Sissy needed a break
 I love these trees that hold onto their leaves all winter.
My monkeys climbed onto those fallen tree.
We ended the hike and headed back for lunch!
Here's the view from our lot. Beautiful! I can't wait for the leaves to come in!
The kids decided it was a good time to play yard games, and blow some bubbles!
The dogs were worn out, and deeded to share a nap!

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