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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A day off with Aiden

I've been working just 3 days a week lately, and decided every Wednesday Aid and I would get out of the house and do something fun. My goal has been to find free activities, something new for each week. I couldn't find any local events today so we visited the Central Library and Military park in downtown Indy.

We arrived at the Central Library first, where we played some computer games, read a few books about tractors and enjoyed a snack at the cafe!
We walked over to Military park and as I watched Aid toddler I realized his toddeling days are drawing to a close. My baby will be 4 very soon, and I think toddeling is officially "running" at that age :*)
We enjoyed looking at all of the war memorials, and although Aid couldn't really appreciate their meaning he liked the ones that he could climb on.

Aid spotted some fountains. This boy loves water. 
We made some wishes and Aid mastered his coin tossing techniques.

Suddenly a lonely duck came over for a visit. It seems he had lost his way and was looking to scam some food. When he realized that we had none he went on promptly about his merry way.
It was a fun afternoon, and we only spent $4 for a snack and a coffee. Not to shabby of a day off!

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