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Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is day two.

It was a slightly better day. I'm still very tired. I got a lot more work done today and was in better spirits. I found music to be very helpful when I was driving. Driving is always going to be hard for me. I may have to get some non-melting gum to keep in the van to chew the heck out of when I drive.

Oddly enough I stopped biting my nails last weekend. I didn't plan this, it just kinda happened. So...I used to chew gum, bite my nails, and smoke. 1 down, 1 in progress, and the gum will likely be a lifelong habit.

I did make it later into the day before the sleepyness set in. By 3pm I was exaughsted and fell asleep for an hour. By 5pm I was still dragging.

I removed the patch at 5pm. I just didn't feel like it was helping once again. I went to the Back to school night which was thankfully relatively stress free. Coming home to face dinner at 8pm...not so stress free!

All in all, not a bad day!

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