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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Giant Microbes!

We had our weekly visit to The Children's Museum so the kids could climb the rock wall. Aiden graduated to the intermediate wall and found it to be quite the challenge!
 We don't usually visit the gift shop but Aiden had birthday money burning a hole in his pocked and he wanted to buy a Lego Lantern so we went in to check those out.

The kids found bins of stuffed creatures that we found were actually diseases and microbes. Ummm...kind of disturbing if you ask me but to each his own. Ha!
 Mono looks cute enough but I hear it can be a real pain in the neck...
 E. Coli does not look very pleasant and I wouldn't want him swimming around in my lower intestine, for sure!

I guess these guys would be a great teaching tool but I'm not sure that I would want them in our toy box. 

I've been horrible about posting anything here so....here's to another start. Oye!

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