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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gray Park

Over the summer our community took a piece of land and came together to build a park. It's not the kind of park with a playground, or any amenities, so to speak. It's really just a nature trail with some park benches for sitting, and there is a creek running through it. Our family went out to help clear debris and collect branches to mulch and we had not been back to see the finished trails so today we decided to go check out our new Gray Park!
This boy loves to run, and run, and run. He may be the next XC runner in the family! 
I am always looking for the fun guy ;)

The kids enjoyed the widened trails.
There seems to be quite a bit of beaver activity around the creek.
Dane found several skipping rocks
Daddy shows Dane how to throw the rocks for the best skipping action.
Dane got a 4 skip throw!
This tree has lots of spiky bits!
This is my daughters friend. She is a fun girl!
She does not like having her picture taken
 Unfortunately for her she met her match in me. I have 3 squirly boys to follow. 
Getting hard to capture smiles is something i have learned to do. ;)
...and again
Dane found a sycamore tree nearly as wide as his arm span!
The tree had a bump which the girls deemed a 'baby bump' and I have to agree, it did kind of look like one!
Jon and the monkey's climbing on low lying limbs. 
Tree hugger!
 Dane looks so smart in his glasses!
 This little monster...such a ham! Take a picture of me, take a picture of Meeeeee!
The little creek that runs along the trail was flowing a lot more rapidly than I would have expected. 
I love how organic this knotted mess of roots looks. 
 I think it would make a really awesome end table!
Aiden loves checking out insect life
There will be no texting when enjoying nature, young lady!
That's a mighty tall walking stick.
I don't know why. Sometimes there is no rhyme nor reason.
One more bit of beaver activity