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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am tired of recycling!

I sure hope that a trash fairy didn't just lose his wings somewheres by my admitting that I am tired or recycling. I was cleaning out the fridge today. You know...that monthly task that we try to postpone every month until there are fuzzy things growing up the wall? No? Just me? Mkay.

As I started to empty the contents of my refrigerator I found an absurd amount of condiments that were expired, or that we would never use. I'm not even sure where some of them came from!

I started the recycling dance and as I rinsed, and scrubbed all whilst listening to some Kenny Chesney and I said to myself "Self, I am tired of recycling. The never ending scrubbing and rinsing of cans, and jars gives me dish pan hands and that kind of brings out my inner rage." and to myself I say "Well then...stop buying so much processed and prepackaged shit. You have no one to blame but yourself. Self."

I know this may be hilarious to you or just plain stupid but it really is as close of an inside view into my brain that I can give to you. I really do talk to myself like this and usually on an hourly basis.

So, after rinsing enough glass and plastic jars and metal lids to fill a 13 gallon trash bag I have made a commitment. Since I am so sick of recycling, and am too much of a goody goody to throw away perfectly recyclable stuff....I am going to focus on reducing for a month. I'm challenging myself to use less, and buy more fresh. Who needs a budget, right? Ugh. I'll be curious to see how this little experiment goes.

By the way...anyone know what the hell Oyster sauce is for? Found a jar of that in my fridge too. Looked like 1 tsp. of it had been used. I have no idea what it was for, but it sounds pretty nasty to me. I'm guessing based on the photo on the label that it was used for stir fry. The thought that Oysters have juice gives me the jeebies.

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