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Sunday, March 28, 2010

What to do with all this stuff?

It seems like we are just too busy to have a yard sale these days. When you have the time to purge those closets you might be left with stacks of boxes and bags and have no clue what to do with them! Some donation centers will not take certain items, and that means you'll have to make multiple trips to get these previously loved items to those in need.

I cringe at the tought of dumping this stuff at the curb only to be carted off at the landfill. It;s wasteful, and there's only so much land dedictaed to trash, know what I mean?

I thought it would be a great list to have around! There are so many places you can donate your items to, or places you can post them for free, for sale, for trade, etc. A few of these locations may only be for residents in the Indianapolis, IN area, but thought I'd include them for my locals. :)


Share your fave places to donate to, and lets start the spring purge!


1. Goodwill. It's not my personal fave. I feel they overcharge people on some things, and I wish they had a higher percentage of funds going back into the community, but it is quick and easy to drop off stuff, close to home, and better than the stuff going to the land fill!

2. Salvation army: Similar to the Goodwill, you can drop off donations at most of their family store centers!

3. Disabled American Vetrans (DAV) - They have drop off boxes to drop small items off, and they also have pick up service where they can call you when they will have a truck in your area!

4. Julian Center Shelter: If you have an old cellphone they take these as donations. They give them to Women at risk for abuse. Many people do not know that even when your cell service is disconnected you can still dial 911 from that cell! So, if you let your kids play with an old cell, donate it or take out the battery!

The Julian Center also takes some household items, and clothing. Call them to find out what current needs they have!

5. FreeCycle-This is a website where you can offer almost any item for FREE. Whomever wants it contacts you via email to set up a pick up time. Be careful when meeting strangers! Have another adult with you, or leave it on the porch for them to pick up if the elements wont damage the item. Also meeting in a public place is another option. You have to sign up to use this free service.

6. Craigslist This is a website where you can sell items for free, or post items to give away. The recipient will pick the items up, and as I stated with FreeCycle-Be careful!

7. eBay This is a website where you can sell items for a fee. You have to ship the items, unless you only offer them for local pick up. The buyer pays for the shipping, and the seller does pay a fee for listing as well as a selling fee. View their website for more info on fees.

8. Your local schools-Many times schools are in need of supplies. From school supplies, to craft items, cleaning supplies, and even food for food drives. The school run lots of fundraising events & sales so check with your local school to find out if they may be able to make use of your donations!

There are tons more locations, but I have to head out, so post your suggestions and I will check in when I return!


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