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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Declutter Daily!

Your home is filled with all kinds of clutter. This is why you cannot seem to keep it clean. You have accumulated too much STUFF. If you set a timer and spend 15 minutes a day decluttering you will catch up with it. That's it. Anyone can do anything for only 15 minutes, even if you have to break it down into 5 minutes segments. Below are some tools to help you declutter:

1. Pick up the trash

Do this task as fast as you can. The less thought you put into it the faster you will finish! Take a trash can/bag/bucket and walk through your home and pick up the debris from your families travels. Tissues, food wrappers, empty water bottles...boy do they leave a lot of trash laying around! Sometimes I hand the kids a plastic grocery sack and have them race to see who gets the most trash. Everyone gets a piece of candy, and the winner may get 2 pieces!

2. Spot clean

Pick a spot in any room that is getting out of hand. Maybe it's the coffee table, the desk, or even the dining room table! Pick the spot that looks the worst in your home, and spend 2 minutes clearing the spot.

Work a spot clean into your daily routine-it makes a big difference! Just focus on one at a time.

3. The 5 Minute tidy

If you spend just 5 minutes a day in your worst room you will be amazed at how much you can do. Within a month you'll have that space ready for company! Just focus on one spot or surface at a time, and you'll be done in no time. Don't be surprised to find once you see progress you'll be motivated to spend more than 5 mins at a time in there!

4. Zone Cleaning

I learned about Zone Cleaning from working at a restaurant bac in 1997. We had zones to clean each day to ensure the dining rooms were dust free, clean and tiday.

If you dedicate 15 minutes every day to a zone, changing zones every month, you'll develope a routine that will keep the odds and ends in order year round!

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