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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Darwin day!

The Center for Inquiry of Indiana hosted Darwin day for kids for the 1st time this year. Joe Oliver, leader of the CFI kids youth group, was head of this event.

The Center had pizza for the kids, games, and education stations for the kids to learn about magnets, evolution, and a variety of other subjects.

Here Fred is introducing the kids to Darwin day, and explaining how they will rotate between the various centers the volunteers had set up.

The kids had some pizza before the learning began.
Joe showed the kids some cool products used in gardening. 
Margaret showed the kids the evolution of birds.
The kids learned about the periodic table, and magnets with Fred.
We met Darwin and had our picture taken with him.
Of course, the kids were all blinking, looking away, and not smiling. Haha!

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