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Saturday, November 20, 2010

"I found the turtle!"

For a few years now our kids have been playing a hide and seek game around the house. It all started when I bought my daughter a package on Bendaroos. She discovered that they stuck to the walls and doors and she covered her door with her little creations. One day she made a turtle out of Bendaroos and she decided to place it on one of my African masks in our hallway. She wanted to see how long it would take anyone to notice. Of course, I noticed right away and asked her why it was placed there.

She told me about hiding it to see if any of the three boys would find it. One day one of the boys did find it, and he moved it to a new hiding place...on a picture frame. Let the games begin!

The turtle has been found and hidden about once a week or so ever since then. I'm amazed after almost 2 years it still sticks to anything we place it on. Yesterday we were watching a movie. My 4 year old was whining to me about sissy pushing him off then couch when suddenly, mid sentence, he yells "I found it. I found the turtle!"

You see...poor little guy rarely is the finder of the turtle. He feels like the big kids hide it too hard and he cries when ever anyone else finds it. "No fair!" Haha.

The turtle was on a wall sconce, and cleverly hidden in a colorful flower.

My 4 year old decided to hide it in the kitchen on one of my batea bowls. Very smart boy! The color blends in well and he's excited to see how long it stays hidden. Sadly it is right above the recycling bin so I am guessing it wont last long.

What sort of fun games do your kids play together? We also have a "Hide Andrew" game. My son had a wallet sized photo of himself from school and he attaches tape to the back and sticks it random places. I placed it in the door jam! Shhh..don't tell! ;)

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  1. That is SO FUN and I looooove that your boy got the chance to find it! Perfection!