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Friday, April 10, 2009

Pre-Birthday celebrations!

So, I decided to take some ME time this afternoon. My Mamma gave me $50 and said that she wanted to be sure that I spent it on me, and not on kids meds, bills, etc.

So, I was working at the Mall and decided to peruse the overpriced stores that sell clothing I couldn't squeeze my big butt into 6 months ago.

I bought me some new pants and a much needed cardigan at Lerner New York, and got a free braclet with apparel purchase to boot!

I then treated myself to lunch at Johnny Rockets. Chili Cheese fries and a Coke really make me smile =)

I stopped by Bella Salon to see Ashley and make an appt. to get my catapillars waxed off of my forehead, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that her appt was a no show, so she waxed me on the spot!

It's such a nice treat to be able to spend an afternoon focusing on just me, and not worrying about what I spend or how I spend it. I had $50, now it's gone...and I have a cute new outfit that fits me to wear to the MNO tomorrow night, plus my brows look lovely and most importantly I feel happy, relaxed, and loved.

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