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Sunday, February 22, 2009

02/22/09 Earth Scouts-Primates

Today was my favorite Earth Scouts lesson to date. Roy, the retired Zoo Keeper came to teach the kids about Primates. He was quite impressed with the kids, and was suprised at how much Andrew, Nadine, and Dane knew about Primates.

The kids got to learn about all the different primates in the world, Roy read them a story from one of his books, the kids bought one of Roys books to autograph and Roy asked to give a special book of poems to Andrew & Nadine becasue he really enjoyed learning that Andrew is a writer and that Nadine is an Avid reader.

The kids had a great time, and I enjoyed seeing them explore Evoloution!

This is Roy letting Aiden hang from a branch like a Monkey.
This is Andrew talking to Roy about his books,
and how Andrew likes to write stories too!
This is Dane trying on a plaster mold of a large primates hand
(Maybe a Gorilla?)

This is Nadine holding a cast of a Baboon's face.

This is Roy, The Zoo keeper, reading one of his stories to the kids.

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